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Mud therapy for arthritis

Herbal Remedies For Arthritis Working Wonders

Herbal remedies for arthritis are successfully used in the treatment of non-severe cases for long centuries, demonstrating considerable efficiency and providing a well-pronounced effect. However, if you are not an avid herbal treatment fan, combining the majority of methods described below with pharmaceuticals course can be a way to go; it would be easier psychologically, as you will not give up the prescribed treatment course by a treating doctor, plus you will almost surely notice the incredible healing effect. The article focuses on the best practices and totally effective herbal remedies for arthritis posing the minimum threat as for side effects.

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Herbal Remedies For Menopause – A Comprehensive Overview

Menopause in women - herbal treatment

Taking advantage of using herbal remedies for menopause is one of the most efficient methods to level the climacteric syndrome and undesired manifestations. Herbal treatment of severe menopause symptoms with the help of herbal medicine is not aiming at substituting the missing hormones, but at promoting the comfortable adaptation to their reduction. However, we are not going to discuss phytoestrogens, oftentimes prescribed during menopause as extremely powerful medications. […]

Herbal Cigarettes – Not a Panacea, But a Help

Quit smoking with herbal cigarettes

A good half of smoking cessation methods is based on the use of manifold substitutes – nicotine patches, gums, electronic cigarettes and etc. You broke up with a cigarette through exchanging it for one of these substitutes; unequal exchange, of course, but smokers believe it is better than nothing. All of the above alternatives have one thing in common: […]

Natural Remedies For Hayfever That Guarantee Results

Natural hayfever remedies in action

Hayfever is a widespread name of pollen allergy, the main symptom of which is allergic rhinitis. The term ‘hayfever’, appeared in 1829 and today it is no longer relevant, because the disease has nothing to do with hay or fever conditions. Hayfever is primarily accompanied by rhinitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the nasal cavity. […]