Green Cocktails Power – Detox Your Body In A Green Way

Green smoothies, also known as green cocktails, are prepared from green leaves plants.  It’s not a secret that greenery is rich in nutrients, though the ingredients are extremely rarely used for food preparation, and many argue that it is pretty tough to digest. Nutritionists suggest that it is caused by a lack of gastric juice and weak jaws that simply cannot chew plants to a creamy consistency. Creamed greens are well prepared for digestion, and if you add some fruit flavor you’ll enjoy a delicious cocktail.

Those who enhance their diets with green smoothies, report of significant health improvements. Basically green cocktails are extremely popular among food diet adherents, who thereby get the missing substances necessary to maintain a high energy level.

Why go green cocktails?

Green cocktails ingredients

According to Victoria Butenko, green cocktails pioneer and researcher, the author of several books, greens is the main food groups that best meets the needs of human nutrient. An average diet consists of nearly 50% of carbohydrates such as potatoes, breads, pasta, rice and etc. undergoing heat treatment. Another 35% accounts for solid and liquid fat/animal protein, and the remainder is fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Inherent human chronic diseases never occur in the wild environment. So what’s the secret? The answer is obvious enough: a different lifestyle in conjunction with an average diet are radically different from the ones in developed regions. The benefits of green diet is clearly proved in cows, sheep and monkeys, true vegans by the way.

Raw foodism evangelist are convinced that an ideal human diet is comprised of: 50% of fruits, 40% of greens and 10% percent of fat. Therefore, taking advantage of drinking green smoothies is a great way to enrich your diet with greens. Greens contain a lot of amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and chlorophyll. Green smoothies represent a source of protein, especially if these cocktails are comprised of 40% of greenery.

Green-stuff is also rich in protein. 30% of the calories in spinach are contained in protein. For cheese, this figure is 26%, for milk – 23% and as for meat it equals 50%. However, one should keep in mind that during heat treatment nearly 50% of protein is destroyed. Therefore, 100g of cooked meat protein can be retrieved from 80g of spinach.

The greens can be combined with any other food to stimulate the production of enzymes and to promote digestion. This makes green smoothies (a combination of greens and fruits) much more useful than the combination of fruit with other types of food, e.g. starch and protein (as in the classic mixes of sandwiches with cheese or cereal with milk).

So what is the optimal dosage? Green smoothies fans drink 0.5 – 2.0 litres on a daily basis. Adding non-milled greens to your ration is also welcomed, but should be careful with chewing.

Green cocktails fats

In fact, fats (not the McDonalds-type) help to absorb the soluble vitamins, such as extremely essential K and E ones. Fats also play a crucial role in absorbing minerals. Since green cocktails are rich in vitamins and minerals, add a drop of oil to your cocktails and salads. Try adding coconut meat, solid or liquid oil, sage seeds, flax or hemp, a little peanut, sesame paste, avocado, coconut milk and flax oil. A tablespoon of fat per one cocktails serving would be more than enough.

Why use blender?

At the molecular level greens are biologically very stable because they contain cellulose. Nutrients are stored in plant cells and the release of the cells walls implies their destruction. This requires intensive chewing, which is something modern people are hardly interested in, because our jaws are far from being powerful enough, not to mention the aesthetic component of the process. Furthermore, plenty gastric juice is required to process such food, which many is also produced in insufficient quantities in an overwhelming majority. So a decent blender is a perfect machine for unlocking cell membranes and the releasing the nutrients.

What requirements should a blender meet to bee good for preparing green cocktails:

  • it should feature 4+ knives
  • it should be a cup model
  • 1000 watts.

All these characteristics are absolutely essential, even though the value of these features equal some 150 pounds. Nevertheless, you can still find a decent option for at a lower price (consider the options of Binatone or Philips), just to make sure the effect is truly magnificent (all in all, you can invest in a more costly piece of gadgetry in future).



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