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Body FAQ – Where Is The Liver, Why Is It Aching & More

Liver is a vital organ that plays a crucial role in proper body functioning. Thus, it takes the brunt of virtually all the bad habits and takes care of the functions you’ve probably never heard of. So let us fix the knowledge gap and answer the most frequent questions regarding liver.

Where is the liver located?

Liver is located under the diaphragm in the abdominal cavity of any vertebrate living organism. So where is the human liver located? The organ sits in the upper right part of the peritoneum, occupying the upper part of the space from the left nipple to the right, while the lower part reaches the area of lower right ribs.

Scientists studying the human liver diseases symptoms revealed that the organ is covered with dense Glisson capsule, though it is very soft and subjected to mechanical damage (the ribs give the desired protection).

Where is the liver in the body graph

The image should give a comprehensive answer to the question of where is the liver in the body.

What is the normal liver size?

Virtually any deviations from the liver size norms manifest the ongoing disease. Check the average normal liver dimensions in adults: in the upper part from the right nipple to the left one its 20-22 cm, the right side norm is the same, while the left one typically equals 15-16 cm. The thickness of the right lobe of the widest area reaches 6-9 cm, and the total mass equals about one and a half kilograms.

Why does it hurt?

First of all, let’s figure out the possible symptoms. Thus, if you begin to notice the frequent liver pain, heaviness, nausea and bitter taste in the mouth – sound an alarm. This may be one of many diseases of the body, starting from hepatitis and ending with cirrhosis. Self-medicating may exacerbate the problem, so this is where consulting a doctor is required. Until the diagnosis is not made, exclude any alcohol drinks, as well as fatty and spicy foods from your diet, as these products have a direct impact on your liver.

Knowing exactly where is the human liver located, identifying the source of pain would be quite easy. It is because of the fact that people do not know where this or that organ is located, most often the disease becomes form transforms into chronic one. Thus, if you are suffering from pain in the right side of the chest and nausea symptoms in the mornings, it is strongly suggested you seek professional medical help.

What to do with aching liver?

Liver is responsible for the purity of our blood, gallbladder functioning, and a good number of other essential factors. Consult your physician and submit all the necessary tests. Enrich your diet with iron foods. The daily iron norm is 20 mg (30 mg for pregnant women). Topping the list of products that increase the hemoglobin is meat, namely beef. This product provides up to 22% iron entry into the human body. A pork and veal, this figure is slightly lower. 11% of iron is absorbed with fish products.

Again, during liver treatment eliminate alcohol from your diet completely, refuse from fatty foods and fried meat, beans, carbonated drinks, coffee and cocoa. Eat 5 times a day in small portions.

Aching liver diet

Is it really liver aching?

To define the organ that hurts with certainty, you need to figure out the exact location of the pain. Listen to your body carefully. Liver is attached by ligaments to the diaphragm, so you may collide with difficult or painful breathing. The pain may originate from the area under the right rib. However, it may also occur in any liver area, so if you’ve started feeling discomfort, heaviness or tingling on a regular basis, try to figure out and remember the exact pain areas – this will improve the chances of accurate diagnosis.

Symptoms of liver disease include dark urine (from dark yellow to dark brown), bad breath, bitter taste in the mouth and heaviness in the right part of the abdomen.

Why does a correct posture matter?

Imagine a person sitting hunched in front of a screen: the lower ribs rest on the stomach, kidneys, gall bladder and intestines. Bile, which is accumulated in the gallbladder, is causing the organism and liver toxicity primarily because it is located in vicinity of it. This can lead to nausea, digestive problems, such as diarrhea or constipation, as well as the formation of polyps. This is why a correct posture plays a huge role in how healthy people will.

What are the reasons & symptoms for liver disease?

The reasons that may hurt the liver are very diverse. This may be a poor in vitamins and microelements diet, unhealthy lifestyle, STDs or diseases transmitted through the liquid medium (hepatitis), alcohol abuse and lack of regular physical loads. This in turn causes the disease symptoms: pain sensations, dark urine or nausea – all of this is often a consequence of disease processes occurring in the body, not the cause.

What to do with fatty liver?

If fatty liver is diagnosed, keep your lifestyle under strict control. The disease stands for accumulation of fat in the liver in people not abusing alcohol. Its symptoms are as follows: pain sensations in right side of the chest, weakness, noticeable weight loss not related to diet. Although quite often the symptoms are not observed. In fact, the exact reason is almost impossible to be identified. However, if the diagnosis is made, minimize the consumption of meat and make your choice in favor of fish or vegetable fats. If you suffer from obesity, then you should put some effort into losing your weight gradually (300-500 grams per week). Make sure your blood sugar level is normal, exercise 30-40 minutes per day, 3-5 days per day.



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