Best green smoothie by Kimberly

Best Green Smoothie by Kimberly Snyder

Our last publication was primarily dedicated to the benefits of green cocktails, so now when you have a brand-new blender ready to assist you with health regeneration let’s have a look behind the scenes of… celebrity healthy lifestyle. Why not borrow a couple of approaches from Fergie or Drew Barrymore approved by a top star diet specialist?

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Green Cocktails Power – Detox Your Body In A Green Way

Green smoothies, also known as green cocktails, are prepared from green leaves plants.  It’s not a secret that greenery is rich in nutrients, though the ingredients are extremely rarely used for food preparation, and many argue that it is pretty tough to digest. Nutritionists suggest that it is caused by a lack of gastric juice and weak jaws that simply cannot chew plants to a creamy consistency. Creamed greens are well prepared for digestion, and if you add some fruit flavor you’ll enjoy a delicious cocktail.

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Acupuncture and anxiety

Arming With Acupuncture For Anxiety Elimination

Acupuncture, one of the oldest treatment methods in the history of medicine, is successfully applied in the complex rehabilitation measures for various diseases. The essence of the practice lies in making an impact on the well-defined points of the skin surface, head, face, trunk and extremities, and characterized by a certain strength, nature and duration. The micro-irritation is carried by the thinnest metal needle of 0.2 – 0.3 mm diameter, made ​​of silver or high-grade stainless steel boasting spectacular flexibility and insignificant oxidizability.

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Mud therapy for arthritis

Herbal Remedies For Arthritis Working Wonders

Herbal remedies for arthritis are successfully used in the treatment of non-severe cases for long centuries, demonstrating considerable efficiency and providing a well-pronounced effect. However, if you are not an avid herbal treatment fan, combining the majority of methods described below with pharmaceuticals course can be a way to go; it would be easier psychologically, as you will not give up the prescribed treatment course by a treating doctor, plus you will almost surely notice the incredible healing effect. The article focuses on the best practices and totally effective herbal remedies for arthritis posing the minimum threat as for side effects.

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Holistic therapy in action

Zen Time – Holistic Therapy Working Magic

Since ancient times, scientists and philosophers have been admitting the vitality of connection of human physical and mental conditions. In the V century BC Socrates argued that there is no physical illness, separated from the soul. Plato lamented that a big mistake is made where bodily and mental illnesses are treated by different doctors – the body can not be separated from the soul.

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Anti-cold natural remedies

Staying Fit In Autumn – Natural Cold Remedies

Autumn dank months are almost inevitably sowing cold among the masses, but fortunately, this is where herbs and natural remedies come to the rescue. Boasting generally mild and efficient action, medicinal herbs have been used to treat cold for long centuries: from Hippocrates and Qin era to Archibald Menzies times and further on. Herbal medicine has been carefully absorbing the wisdom piece by piece, from one generation to another, to offer a wealth of knowledge to informational society. Being less toxic and having fewer side effects in comparison with synthetic drugs, herbal remedies are oftentimes prescribed to the elderly, children and pregnant women.

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The Ancient Knowledge Of The East – Chinese Herbal Medicne

The arsenal of drugs used in Chinese medicine is exceeding two thousands of units. Not less than three-quarters of this amount falls to the lot of plant origin drugs – roots, flowers, herbs, fruits, etc.; while the remainder falls on drugs of animal and mineral origin. This is nothing but weighty evidence of the essential role of herbs in Chinese traditional medicine. The state of affairs is facilitated by the fact that China is the habitat for myriads of medicinal plants.

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Diarrhea herbal and natural cures

Time-tested Natural Remedies For Diarrhea Reviewed

Diarrhea stands for defecation intensification (more than 2 times a day), accompanied by feces of liquid consistency. By itself, diarrhea is not a disease, but a reaction to some problems in the body, most often related to the functioning of the digestive system.

The causes of non-infectious diarrhea are typically poor quality food and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (colitis, enteritis, gastritis, etc.). Excitement and fear can also cause diarrhea, impacting peristalsis. Diarrhea can have an acute (occur suddenly and pass away within 1-2 weeks) and chronic (lasting more than 2 weeks) forms.

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How to enhance sleep quality

Sunday Talks – Help Me Sleep!

With the pace of modern life, polluted environment and junk food our body is exposed to constant stress, manifested by irritation, fatigue, anxiety, and as a result, disturbed sleep. Certainly, to deal with stress successfully, you need to spend more time on outdoor activities, hiking, physical exercises, yoga, massage sessions and stick to a reasonable, vitamin-rich diet. Wait a minute, but I need an effectual solution that acts immediately!

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The natural tea tree oil preparation

Tea Tree Oil Acne Elimination

Essential oils have been widely employed in the manufacture of medicines before the advent of conventional preparations. Tea tree oil in particular gained popularity due to a well-pronounced and strong antibiotic effect.

Nowadays, herbalists willingly recommend using the essential oil of tea tree to deal with acne, as well as taking advantage of the magnificent properties in preparation of various cosmetic products for skin and hair, as well as for strengthening the nervous system through aromatherapy sessions.

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